1/8th Inch Heavy

Two-person show with Eric Rivera Barbeito at Terrault Contemporary in Baltimore, MD.

Using wood as a primary source of material experimentation, our work, often made through a sequence of “what if’s”, places an emphasis on the inquiry into the nature of color and a corruption of craft. The group of small to medium sized works were conceived and produced extemporaneously, through an additive and subtractive process in search of a final result. By taking a step away from the beautifully assembled walnut Maloof chair and a step towards the ad libbed nature of an object without function, one is freed from the sentimentality of craft and is granted access towards an object with its own presence outside of utilitarian characteristics. Cutting an eighth of an inch too heavy allows one to pare the material down to the desired dimension in anticipation of imperfection, dancing between additive and subtractive.